Shannon Rutherford (snickershannon) wrote in in_the_jungle,
Shannon Rutherford

Shannon - ANYONE, MY GOD.

Where - the caves
When - evening

Shannon sat back against the jagged wall of the cave. The lit torches stationed around the campsite created a golden glow, making the outside world seem even darker. She sighed. There was absolutely nothing to do. Nothing she would ever consider doing anyway. Helping the others do...whatever the hell it was that they were doing just didn't seem like an option. Reaching for her bag, her she pulled out a fingernail file. She snickered to herself and rolled her eyes - how much more pathetic could she get? As she shaped and perfected the tips of her nails one by one, the rough file made an irritating scraping noise.

Death glares from people who were attempting to sleep shot her way. She smiled back at them in a sickeningly sweet manner, not bothering to excuse herself. In case they hadn't noticed, she really didn't care.
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