July 28th, 2005

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Where: Caves
When: Noon
Who: Anyone

A tremor of hunger shook Shannon's stomach, but she ignored it as best she could. It wasn't that there was not enough food, she had just chosen not to eat. For quite a long while, now. She didn't like the food, so why bother with the calories and fat? Eating disorders don't just disappear when you've crashed on an island, apparently. Gaining weight just didn't seem like an option. Who she was trying to keep her figure for, she wasn't exactly sure. Sometimes it wasn't even about her figure. It was about being in control. How much she ate, and when she ate; those things seemed like the only things left that she could keep a reign on. She would push herself, see how long she could go without eating before she felt sick. The pang in her stomach a sickly reminder of the fact that she could still control something. She reached for her water bottle and gulped down a swig of the warm liquid. A light cough escaped her, reminding her to be thankful for the fact that her asthma hadn't been acting up lately. She tried to force her mind to drift to other places, not wanting to draw the wracking illness back by thinking about it.

There was a clap of thunder, and suddenly a torrential downpour of rain began to fall. She retreated back within the caves, and sat near the opening so she could watch the large drops race to the ground and clearly hear it beating against the top of the cave. Others rushed around her to escape the storm, but she stayed as close as she could to the entrance without getting wet. The noise soothed her and calmed her thoughts, and she gratefully accepted the distraction. With everything around her seemingly falling apart, it was a blessing to have something that wouldn't haunt her to occupy her mind.