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::OOC:: sorry for the confusion in the ther post. I posted at the same times as Boone in there. Will start it over here and we can delete the other messages ::BCC::

Where: Caves
When: Evening
Who: First the respond from Sayid, then the one from Kate, after that whoever jumps in

Locke ran out of the jungle, not watching where he was running but only with one task in mind. "Got to found Boone, I have got to find Boone", he kept repeating to himself. He had searched in the jungle, and now he was looking on the beach. Nothing. His last hope were the caves so he ran in that direction. When he got there he saw everyone was sleeping, or nearly sleeping and Boone wasn't one of them. His sister was. Creeping up behind Shannon he covered her mouth with his hands so she wouldn't scream. Turning her around he laid his finger on her lips and whispered "Your brother, where is Boone?"
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